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Costantini Pietro Collection 2020



Since 1922, Costantini Pietro has been producing furniture for the living area with distinctive creative design, precise detailing, material quality and superb craftsmanship further enhanced nowadays by important innovative manufacturing techniques using multiple materials, first and foremost wood, always a key feature of Costantini products.

Carefully studied design and materials, Made in Italy, simplicity, elegance and modern style. These features are the very foundation of the Costantini collection 2020 conceived by its art director, Giorgio Soressi.

The company presents its vision of lifestyle where exquisite materials, symbolic of luxury, comfort and functionality, are brought together. A collection conceived to satisfy the furnishing requirements of a consumer who appreciates the value of its all Made in Italy creative design and excellent craftsmanship.

A complete collection for the living area which expresses the Costantini Pietro cosmopolitan identity and meticulous attention to detail. In the new products, the elegance of natural wood available in numerous Italian or exotic species, and metal, now a classic feature of Costantini collections, are combined with materials not seen in Costantini design before, confirmation of the company’s exploration of new design trends, while remaining faithful to its sleek design style full of extra features. Polycarbonate and ceramic thus make their entrance, enhancing stark contours and minimal geometry. Luxurious features add a touch of fresh creativity and dynamic styling to the collection. All of the products are extremely versatile and can be customized on request with the numerous wood species, lacquer finishes and ranges of fabrics available in the catalogue.

Source: Costantini Pietro