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Craftsmanship And Quality To Eclipse Time

by INDESIGNLIVE.SG. This advertorial appeared on Cubes Magazine C99 Apr-Jun 2020 Issue. Photo courtesy of Gamma.


Durability and adaptability are hallmarks of design that will stand the test of time. And in this day and age, longevity is more crucial than ever. This is something that Italian leather furniture company Gamma Arredamenti has known since its inception in 1974.

Gamma’s focus has always been on the highest-quality materials, the finest traditions of craftsmanship, and stoic modern design that can be adapted to a variety of contexts. This is what creates quality, and it’s what has made Gamma a leader in luxury handmade leather furniture.

Part of the secret to Gamma’s success is quality control; it undertakes all production in the company’s own Forlì plant in the north of Italy. Leathers are sourced from Italy and northern Europe, specifically from bull hides, and processed at carefully selected and trusted tanneries. The very best portions of the leather are marked out for cutting by hand – not by machine – before skilled sewers get to work with an intense attention to detail.

Gamma regards its upholsterers as guardians of an ancient handcrafted art. With every product passing through the hands of craftspeople at each stage of manufacturing, the result is an intuitive celebration of the natural qualities of leather. Customisation options include a vast array of stitching styles, colours and thicknesses, all undertaken with impressive sartorial flair.

See Gamma’s exceptional leather furniture, and its honouring of its precious material of choice, at Royal Interiors.