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Royal Interiors Founder’s Message


Welcome to the Royal Interiors online store.


The luxury furnishings you will find here are the latest expression of the Nandwani family obsession, one that stretches back over 60 years and shows no signs of abating: to articulate what it means to make a space beautiful.


In 1956, my grandfather opened Royal Fabrics in Singapore’s historic Boat Quay. Starting out in a modest shophouse, its name has since become a byword for immaculately crafted textiles that form the basis of luxury women’s fashion, with a long list of clients that include well regarded designers, retail brands and private individuals across Southeast Asia and beyond.


Through personal relationships with our partner brands and a boutique approach to doing business that places aesthetics and the human experience above pure profit, our family became known as one of Singapore’s tastemakers. I duly became involved in the business from a young age, and it was at 16 years old, while on a sourcing trip in Milan, that my passion for fine interiors was truly ignited.


It became clear to me that not only did I enjoy and have a talent for orchestrating tasteful interiors, but that consumers in Southeast Asia were sorely lacking in luxury retail options allowing them to purchase furniture from design capitals like Milan without waiting months for delivery. Thus, I quickly became fixated on the idea of owning my own furniture retail outlet.


The journey to get there was certainly not an easy one. After losing my job during the Asian Financial Crisis of 97-98, I became a Salesman at a furniture store, developing an understanding of the industry while slowly honing my business skills. I spent time as a ‘door to door’ furniture salesman  approaching home buyers at property development sites. Needless to say, these experiences made have made the feeling now even sweeter when Royal Interiors finally opened its doors in 2014.


Today, we’re proud to own 3 showrooms with a retail space of 20,000 square feet, collectively stocking over 120 designer brands covering furnishings for the whole house. Our customers range from first time home buyers to large hotel owners and large restaurant groups. Whether on-ground or through our online channels, they enjoy a seamless retail experience that satisfies the senses and inspires the mind. This includes bespoke services, such as furniture customisation, at no extra cost.


Furnishings are indeed a bit of a departure from fabrics, but the underlying purpose and mission of what we do remains the same as it was laid by my grandfather all those years ago. Making a space beautiful is a commitment that requires attention to detail, dedication and a certain amount of emotional attunement. After all, design is deeply personal, and the beauty of a living space matters only in the mind of the person who will occupy it.


Should our paths cross, I hope that we will have the chance to bring beauty to your living spaces and everyday life too.

Suresh Nandwani
Director and Founder of Royal Interiors