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  • Costantini Pietro

    Blade Console

    Design: Giorgio Soressi
    Made in Italy


    • Top in Zulu High Gloss
    • Frame in Wenge Matt+Superior Metal Finish


    Blade console challenges the traditional and the geometrically inspired structure is cutting edge and makes an architectural focal point wherever it’s placed. The different rectangular shapes at the base are layered together for a unique and eye-catching touch. Contrast colors pop against one another and complement one another. The table top has lots of surface area to make room for items to display.

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  • Chi Wing Lo

    YFOS Winebar

    Made in Italy


    • Structure, perforated sliding doors and lower tray: wood Sucupira
    • Frame and revolving metal trays in dark bronze metal
    • Power Supply: 12V 2A

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  • Malerba

    Red Carpet Cabinet

    Made in Italy


    • Finishing in chocolate lacquered high gloss


    The high gloss lacquer finish combined with the wooden essence get full mindful of the memorable 30s of Hollywood’s Movie Making industry origin.


    The Red Carpet collection is featured by a special vertical waving wood carving as a classical Greek column style total recall. The polished chromed trim combined with small premium leather inserts stands out the solid and outstanding shapes.

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