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  • Costantini Pietro

    Eden Bookcase

    Design: Giorgio Soressi
    Made in Italy


    • Structure in Lacq.Terra High Gloss
    • Insert in Zulu High Gloss

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  • Costantini Pietro

    Eclipse Console

    Design: Giorgio Soressi
    Made in Italy


    • Top in Eucalyptus High Gloss
    • Frame in Superior Metal Finish


    Eclipse console is an emblem of sophistication and makes an excellent architectural focal point in a modern home. The contrasting wood and metal pop against one another and add an eye-catching element thanks to the reflective legs. With various angles and curves, the console has an edgy silhouette that is geometrically inspired.

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  • Reflex Angelo

    Foulard Console

    Made in Italy


    • Console in curved etched glass finish


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  • Malerba

    Black & More Console

    Made in Italy


    • Finishing in cedar black onyx high gloss

    • Top in black marble


    Black & More collection is characterized by the precious cedar veneer in high gloss or matt vintage.


    Black and Grey finishes heighten the style of this collection made by essential lines, harmonious shapes and slim metal bases.

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  • JAB

    Jazz Console Table

    Design: Andreas Weber

    Made in Germany


    • Base frame in black chrome optic

    • Plate in parsol grey


    Jazz fascinates with an exciting balancing act. The metal frame with its black chrome look is formed of flat profiles that seem to balance on their outside edges. Matching glass panels in dark grey harmoniously complete the flowing composition and underscore the exclusive character of the product group.



    Product Information Sheet: Jazz console
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    $4,470.00 $2,235.00