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  • Rolf Benz

    Cubo 9000 TV Unit

    Made in Germany


    • In medium density fiberboard

    • Panel thickness: 2.2 cm

    • Painted in white


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  • Malerba

    My Story TV Unit

    Made in Italy


    • Frame in cedar beige high gloss
    • Metal details in black chrome


    My story collection represents the end of a long journey among the customs, shapes and colors of the far east.


    The visible result is a harmony of perfect finishes, lacquered parts, metal accents and elegant colors, which enriches new and unexpected shapes and surfaces.


    The collection was inspired by the tradition touch of the oriental culture, mixed with the innovative italian taste, creating a balance between bowed lines and geometric shapes.

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  • Bacher

    Two Vision TV Rack

    Design: Mutschler.Winkler

    Made in Germany


    • American walnut wood finish

    • Metal parts in chrome high gloss

    • Shelves in 12 mm-thick clear glass


    TWO VISION. realises a completely new interpretation of a TV rack. Elements can be swivelled around two vertical lines, bringing the meaning of all-round vision to a new dimension. Hidden cabling for fl at screen device and recorder. There is space for DVDs in the side.



    Product Information Sheet: Two Vision tv rack


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    $12,000.00 $6,000.00