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  • Ethimo

    Ethimo Enjoy Side Table

    Design: Ethimo Studio
    Made in Italy


    ● Table top in ceramic stone white
    ● Pole in aluminium warm grey
    ● Base in pickled teak


    Essential lines, a contemporary mood and a transforming soul define the new line of Ethimo outdoor tables. The Enjoy collection is designed to be combined with any lounge or dining chair, suitable for any specific need for private or contract use. Enjoy tables are available in five different heights and with three types of top, made of ceramic, which differ in size and color (white, black vulcano, grey), allowing the most varied and amazing customizations.


    The metal conical structure, which supports the top, rests on a base that can be declined in natural or pickled teak. In this way, Enjoy can change its ‘outfit’ to integrate itself in every outdoor context, according to different needs and styles.



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  • Ethimo

    Ethimo Esedra Round Side Table

    Design: Luca Nichetto
    Made in Italy


    ● Frame in aluminium warmwhite with pickled teak table top
    ● Diameter 56 cm


    At the time of the Ancient Romans, the “exedra” was a semi-circular space where social gatherings and philosophical debates were held.


    The collection Esedra takes its name from this element of classical architecture to create a complete range of furniture for a contemporary outdoor look, establishing a relationship between the various materials, such as the synthetic fibre used for the seat-backs, treated with a technology that recreates the sensation of natural woven fibre, the fabric upholstery of the cushions and the aluminium legs.



    Product Information Sheet: Esedra side table
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