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  • Ethimo

    Allaperto Urban 2-Seater Sofa

    Design: Matteo Thun & Antonio Rodriguez
    Made in Italy


    ● Upholstery seat and backrest Batyline canatex cappuccino padded
    ● Frame in metal coffee brown with pickled teak FSC 100%


    Urban furnishings find expression in their essential, which allows them to bring alive modern, dynamic settings with an international feel. Metal, pickled teak, weaves and techno fabrics Batyline Canatex Cappuccino padded create combinations that are both practical and aesthetically intriguing.



    Product Information Sheet: Allaperto Urban lounge sofa
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    $3,990.00 $2,593.00
  • Ethimo

    Costes 3-Seater Sofa

    Design: Ethimo Studio
    Made in Italy


    ● Upholstery village seat and back cushion in Nature grey acrylic fabric
    ● Frame in pickled teak chocolate brown FSC100%


    Designed to spend relaxing moments in its garden, veranda, or around a pool and to marry nature, abandoning the chaos of the city, the Costes series explores the many expressive possibilities of wood: from painted mahogany to teak with pickled finish. Wide choice of elements, always with harmonious and essential lines: from sofas, tables, chairs and sun loungers. The Costes collection guarantees durability over time even at low temperatures.



    Product Information Sheet: Costes sofa
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