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  • CasaDesus

    Tes Side Table

    Design: David Casadesus
    Made in Spain


    • Top in Bleached Walnut
    • Frame in Steel


    The strength of the table Tes lies in its lightweight metal frame, which in turn gives it great resistances and stability. Tes is conceived as a product intended to be placed beside or in front of sofas; its function is purely auxiliary. The metal parts are painted black iron or stainless steel (satin or gloss), the top cover can be wood or glass.


    Product Information Sheet: Tes Side Table


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  • CasaDesus

    Baku Container Table

    Design: Giancarlo Vegni and Gianfranco Gualtierotti
    Made in Spain


    • Frame in Eucalyptus Wood Finish


    The main idea of the collection Baku is to combine the possibility of having a box that serves as a traditional side table and at the same time serves as a storage box. The boxes can be placed not only at the foot end of the sofa (traditional way) but also between two pieces of the sofa.This way we get a new arrangement of the pieces. Furthermore, as they come with a sliding lid, they can be adjusted depending on whatever you want or need on the time.They are made in wood and you can play with the different finishes and colors for contrasting box and lid.


    Product Information Sheet: Baku Container Table


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