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    Gotham Stool

    Designer: Dario Delpin
    Made in Italy


    ● Seat in rigid polyurethane shell white/black, fire retardant
    ● Frame in chrome swivel trumpet base


    It may look like a raindrop, a slender linear cut, an open – ing for gripping and for anchoring or even a window from which you can look through.‎ Gotham was born like this, with this distinct and recognizable graphic detail which, in different versions, takes on different meanings and functions, strengthening its identity without ever appearing excessive.‎


    A seat that gradually, over time, has evolved into new versions enriched with finishes, colours and details.‎

    Created in 2010 from an idea of Dario Delpin, it has proven to be able to stand strong against passing fashions by being always modern without ever betraying its distinctive features: the delicate curve of its silhouette, its graceful graphic detail and the feeling of snugness and coziness of the seat itself.‎ Simple concepts, but never conventional, which make this piece of furniture completely original notwithstanding its extreme linearity, and make it suitable for any setting and for every purpose

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    Babah Chair

    Designer: Roberto Paoli
    Made in Italy


    ● Seat in rigid polyurethane shell in White, fire retardant
    ● Frame in 06 walnut polished beech
    ● Metal parts in white


    Babah W is a collection of chairs characterized by proportions and lines that make it both classic and contemporary. This chair can be placed in multiple environments, heterogeneous in style and purpose. With its slightly ‘retro’ look, Babah is an timeless essential. The design is softened by the decorum of the back, characterized by vertical lines that look like seams of a soft padding but are the result of the mold of rigid polyurethane, flame retardant, easy to clean, durable and lightweight. Babah is attractive, elegant and full of personality. Babah W collection has base in natural or lacquered beech ( black or white) and metal frame black or white painted.


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