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• Miniature scooter- sky blue and white


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  • Gardeco

    The Visitor 9462

    Design: Guido Deleu
    Made in Belgium


    ● Ceramic in Plus Verde Amzonico Cor 45
    ● Size: Medium


    The Visitor was created in ’96 for the main entrance of a cultural centre in Flanders, Belgium. It is kind and friendly figure, a visitor whom you would welcome with open arms. Gardeco reproduces this sculpture in different sizes in bronze and ceramics. In 2010 The Visitor has been selected for the exhibition Inter Connected, curated by Zoe Melo during the New York Design Week.

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    $800.00 $400.00
  • Camus

    Andromeda Fruit Bowl

    Designer: Paco Camús
    Made in Spain


    • Material in aluminium finish


    Center of table, also handmade and in solid aluminum, taking his design of the Galaxy with the same name. Our Andromeda symbolizes speed and meteoric movement of elements of a Galaxy.

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    $4,000.00 $2,000.00