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• Motorcycle model – black


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  • Gardeco

    Lucifier To Stimulate GND-GA219

    Design: Ann Vrielinck
    Made in Belgium


    ● Bronze with wooden base

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    $5,000.00 $2,500.00
  • Gardeco

    Ante and Retro Cybus Bookends

    Design: Guy Buseyne
    Made in Belgium


    ● Bronze bookends


    Ante & Retro Cybus are two bronze bookend designed by Guy Buseyne.‎


    This collection is the result of an intense and passionate collaboration between our company and some very creative artists.‎ They have created original pieces of art, that guarantee elegance and beauty both for indoors and outdoors.‎ Exceptional commitment and work have led to a wide diversification in styles and inspiration, that are able to respond to the most varied aesthetic requirements.‎


    The definition of luxury is always in flux.‎ Different eras in history and different cultures have always valued the bronze material above all else.‎ Bronze sculptures are not just beautiful but tell a wider story of craftmanship and authenticity.‎

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