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Cattelan Italia Piquant Bookcase A

Design: Andrea Lucatello
Made in Italy


• Frame in MDF GF69 embossed graphite
• 3 sliding doors in brushed bronze
• Maximum capacity 60 kg spread load


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Additional Information
Dimensions 104.5 × 30 × 196.5 cm
(W) :30cm x (D) : 104.5cm x (H) : 196.5cm

Unit - (Width x Depth x Height)  |  Round  - (Diameter = Width x Height)


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  • Cattelan Italia

    Airport Bookcase

    Design: Giorgio Cattelan
    Made in Italy


    • Frame in metal embossed black GFM73
    • Shelves wood brushed bronze



    Geometrically inspired and practical, Airport bookshelf by Cattelan Italia is a must-have product for a modern home. It is full of storage and display capabilities, and the strong and sturdy shelves hold many reading materials and pieces of decor with ease. With asymmetrical shelves and crisscross accents from the metal supports, it makes this a gorgeous focal point in a contemporary living space.


    Manufactured in Italy with incredible attention to detail, Airport bookshelf  comes with a high degree of customization. The shelves come in an array of wood and lacquered finishes, while the frame is available in various metal options.



    Product Information Sheet: Airport bookcase


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  • Cattelan Italia

    Arsenal Bookcase B

    Design: Alessio Bassan
    Made in Italy


    • Frame in metal GFM69 graphite embossed
    • Shelves in RB burned oak



    Arsenal bookcase is a gorgeous addition to a modern living space. It is full of visual balance between vertical and horizontal lines as well as functional accommodations that are ideal for books, accessories, or other collections. With a geometrically inspired, the bookcase stands out in style. The strong and sturdy shelves make this product sustainable for years to come.



    Product Information Sheet: Arsenal bookcase B
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  • Costantini Pietro

    Eden Bookcase

    Design: Giorgio Soressi
    Made in Italy


    • Structure in Lacq.Terra High Gloss
    • Insert in Zulu High Gloss

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