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Costantini Pietro Four Seasons Lounge

Design: Giorgio Soressi
Made in Italy


• Upholstery in Fabric D14
• Frame in Wood Walnut Matt


Four Seasons lounge chair is a commanding seating solution that makes for a striking visual impression with its linear nature and inviting demeanor. The unique angular design creates a dramatic aesthetic, and the cushioning is very soft to lounge in comfort for hours. No need to choose between comfort and style with this lovely lounge chair that complements a modern home.

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Dimensions 75.5 × 93 × 66 cm
(W) :93cm x (D) : 75.5cm x (H) : 66cm

Unit - (Width x Depth x Height)  |  Round  - (Diameter = Width x Height)


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  • De Sede

    De Sede DS-31 Armchair

    Design: de Sede Design Team

    Made in Switzerland


    • Upholstery in leather 25 Touch Col 25 Cuoio
    • Four star rotatable base


    The DS-31 model series is one of the classics of our manufacture, combining design, craftsmanship and leather expertise to create a timeless, beautiful upholstered model.


    The design gives a light appearance: back and seat cushions lie on a thin, wooden structure covered in leather, which in turn is supported by a slim foot. The second virtue, the craftsmanship, is seen in the hand-stitched strap seams, which are artistically attached to the upholstery edges and armrests. The leather expertise reveals itself in the generous upholstery, inviting you to sit comfortably and linger that extra bit longer.


    A special detail is the positioning of the armrests: reminiscent of a curved musical note, they give the DS-31 series an unmistakable character. Anyone looking for a timeless classic combined with an unsurpassed distinctiveness will find it here.



    Product Information Sheet: DS-31 armchair
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  • Fendi Casa

    Fendi Casa EOS Ascot Armchair

    Made in Italy


    • Upholstery: Complete cover in Bisanzio C023 Cloud

    • Internal and external back upholstery in Ascot Quilted Embroidery 23677

    • Swivel Base in wood stained wenge



    Product Information Sheet: Eos Ascot armchair


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  • Gamma

    Gamma Gloss Armchair

    Made in Italy


    • Revolving little armchair
    • Leather in Cat F Burt Col 614 taupe
    • Thread in Piattina 116- contrasting
    • Button in dark chrome/titanio
    • Base in chrome/titanio base




    One of the most iconic pieces in the collection, the Gloss leather armchair embodies the very essence of the Dandy collection – a bold sophisticated spirit with a fashionable twist.
    This swivel armchair has side panels which can be covered in leather or given a coating. It boasts soft comfortable seat cushions embellished with exquisite customisable accents, such as the ties on the armrest and the central toggle.


    Another eye-catching and refined detail is the exclusive spoked base unit in metal which can be matched to the tables and other accessories from the collection.


    Gloss is customisable with attractive two-tone colour combinations chosen from the materials, leathers and fabrics belonging to the collection.


    Product information sheet: Gloss armchair


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