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Grand Palais Round Table

Design: Giorgio Soressi
Made in Italy


• Top in Kakao Matt
• Frame in Kakao Matt Stainless Steel
• Base in Shadow Diameter 180 cm


Grand Palais round dining table is a powerful presence in a contemporary home. The round shape is a welcoming structure that fits everyone comfortably during meals, and the striking pedestal base makes the table stand out in the dining room. Opposing materials for the base and top creates a stark contrast for a dramatic touch, and the unique hourglass-like base makes the table double as a place to eat as well as a piece of modern art.

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Additional Information
Dimensions 76 cm
(W) :cm x (D) : cm x (H) : 76cm

Unit - (Width x Depth x Height)  |  Round  - (Diameter = Width x Height)


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  • Costantini Pietro

    Pasha Dining Table

    Design: Giorgio Soressi
    Made in Italy


    • Top and Lazy Susan in Eucalyptus Hg
    • Frame in Murano Glass Spheres Amber/Clear Amber + Superior Metal Finish
    • Diameter 180 cm


    Pasha round dining table is an elegant and sophisticated addition to a contemporary dining room. The dazzling sculptural round accents at the base are an artistic element that makes the table look like it belongs in a museum. With a welcoming structure, the round shape accommodates people comfortably. The vivid juxtaposition between the wood table top and illuminating base adds an exceptional feature.

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  • Natisa

    Shell Plus Dining Table

    Made in Italy


    • Top and sazy susan in calacatta vecchia machhia
    • Tl1932 FNOL ashwood/base canaletto walnut
    • Diameter 180 cm


    A round ceramic top, available in different finishes, supported by two “waves” in oiled ash that recall the shape of a shell.


    If Shell already managed to amaze, let alone this version .. it is a plus! The size of the table is really generous (the diameter of the round top is 180 cm) and it is fitted with a central swivel tray measuring 84 cm, which makes Shell a masterpiece of conviviality. In fact, by rotating, it avoids having to pass the serving dishes from one diner to another or having to get up to reach them. The tray is a removable accessory and is made of the same material as the table top. Thanks to a magnet, it is easy to position it perfectly in the centre of the table.

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  • Fendi Casa

    Ford Marble Round Table

    Made in Italy


    • Table top finishing in Calacatta marble warm gold With Lazy Susan Top
    • Base in palladium finishing



    The Ford line has been extended to include the new marble dining table. The Lazy Susan in the centre is optional and adds functional as well as aesthetic value. Hewn from a single slab of marble, it lends continuity to the movement and veining on the top thereby combining luxury with elegance. The galvanised steel legs blend state-of-the-art technology with outstanding craftsmanship



    Product Information Sheet: Ford round dining table
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