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Ethimo Grand Life Square Coffee Table

Design: Christophe Pillet

Made in Italy


• Frame in pickled teak and sand Laminam Top


A collection for a ‘Grand Life’ en plein air capable of transmitting tactile sensations and visual characteristics of the most elegant indoor situations.



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Dimensions 100 × 100 × 35 cm
(W) :100cm x (D) : 100cm x (H) : 35cm

Unit - (Width x Depth x Height)  |  Round  - (Diameter = Width x Height)


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  • Ethimo

    Ethimo Esedra Round Side Table

    Design: Luca Nichetto
    Made in Italy


    ● Frame in aluminium warmwhite with pickled teak table top
    ● Diameter 56 cm


    At the time of the Ancient Romans, the “exedra” was a semi-circular space where social gatherings and philosophical debates were held.


    The collection Esedra takes its name from this element of classical architecture to create a complete range of furniture for a contemporary outdoor look, establishing a relationship between the various materials, such as the synthetic fibre used for the seat-backs, treated with a technology that recreates the sensation of natural woven fibre, the fabric upholstery of the cushions and the aluminium legs.



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  • Ethimo

    Ethimo Swing Dining Amchair

    Design: Patrick Norguet
    Made in Italy


    ● Upholstery seat and back cushion in Nature grey acrylic fabric
    ● Frame in aluminium sepia black with natural teak slats FSC100%


    The collaboration between Ethimo and Patrick Norguet has given rise to Swing, a collection of lounge furniture with a dual structure: one an external metal layer, the other an internal layer made with slats of teak, the combination of which creates a balanced alternation of lines and materials. The collection, now an icon of outdoor living, is made up various pieces of lounge and dining furniture that make it possible to create an infinite combination of arrangements for open air living.



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  • Ethimo

    Ethimo Knit Square Dining Table

    Design: Patrick Norguet
    Made in Italy


    ● Frame in Natural Teak FSC 100%


    Knit is a complete line of tables, chairs and lounge chairs in teak and woven rope that expresses with refinement a perfect synthesis of aesthetics, functionality and ergonomics.



    Product Information Sheet: Knit square dining table
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