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Gamma Margot Armchair PNA

Design: Gabrielle Ghetti

Made in Italy


• Upholstery in leather Club Col 045 Cinder
• Button and base in burnished aluminium
• Stitching in CUC 501


Modern armchair in leather with a softly sculpted silhouette and youthful vibe.


It has been specially designed to match any other product from the Gamma Collection. Margot is a leather armchair set on an elegant tubular base which embraces the backrest with naturally elegant nonchalance; the modern toggle detail is an exquisitely decorative addition.

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Dimensions 86 × 87 × 83 cm
(W) :87cm x (D) : 86cm x (H) : 83cm

Unit - (Width x Depth x Height)  |  Round  - (Diameter = Width x Height)


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  • I4mariani

    i4mariani Oyster Armchair

    Design: Mauro Lipparini
    Made in Italy


    ● Upholstery cover in leather PX Siberia
    ● Base is made of curved tubular at 4 race chromed steel


    The Oyster armchair is shell-strong, tough and protective, with a sensible inside stretched by the shape but at the same time soft to the touch and surrounding in the comfort. The shape of the “muscles” of the back shell and the sliced sides make the Oyster body very dynamic and reactive as an exclusive design. The connection between the two shells – the internal one and the external one – is underlined by the tailoring manufacturing of the zip and of the stitching.



    Product Information Sheet: Oyster armchair
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  • Gurian

    Gurian Ginger Armchair

    Design: Zeno Nugari
    Made in Italy


    • In leather DaVinci- Nero and DaVinci- Tortora

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  • Gamma

    Gamma Gloss Armchair

    Made in Italy


    • Revolving little armchair
    • Leather in Cat F Burt Col 614 taupe
    • Thread in Piattina 116- contrasting
    • Button in dark chrome/titanio
    • Base in chrome/titanio base




    One of the most iconic pieces in the collection, the Gloss leather armchair embodies the very essence of the Dandy collection – a bold sophisticated spirit with a fashionable twist.
    This swivel armchair has side panels which can be covered in leather or given a coating. It boasts soft comfortable seat cushions embellished with exquisite customisable accents, such as the ties on the armrest and the central toggle.


    Another eye-catching and refined detail is the exclusive spoked base unit in metal which can be matched to the tables and other accessories from the collection.


    Gloss is customisable with attractive two-tone colour combinations chosen from the materials, leathers and fabrics belonging to the collection.


    Product information sheet: Gloss armchair


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