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Gardeco Folha De Bananeira

Design: Regina Medeiros
Made in Belgium


● Sculpted glass tray in bronze colour

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Additional Information
Dimensions 120 × 34 × 7 cm
(W) :34cm x (D) : 120cm x (H) : 7cm

Unit - (Width x Depth x Height)  |  Round  - (Diameter = Width x Height)


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  • Gardeco

    Gnd-Ga253 To Clarify

    Design: Ann Vrielinck
    Made in Belgium


    ● Bronze sculpture

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    $8,150.00 $4,890.00
  • Gardeco

    Bullish Star

    Design: Marc Caelenberghe
    Made in Belgium


    ● Sculpture in polished bronze
    ● Number 2 of 75 pieces made


    This collection is the result of an intense and passionate collaboration between our company and some very creative artists.‎ They have created original pieces of art, that guarantee elegance and beauty both for indoors and outdoors.‎ Exceptional commitment and work have led to a wide diversification in styles and inspiration, that are able to respond to the most varied aesthetic requirements.‎


    The definition of luxury is always in flux.‎ Different eras in history and different cultures have always valued the bronze material above all else.‎ Bronze sculptures are not just beautiful but tell a wider story of craftmanship and authenticity.‎

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    $7,000.00 $4,900.00
  • Gardeco

    Unconditional Love

    Design: Sofia Speybrouck
    Made in Belgium


    ● Bronze sculpture in black finish


    Sofia Speybrouck is a Belgian artist who lets herself be inspired by nature and her immediate surroundings, complemented by the emotions and thoughts it triggers. Sofia Speybrouck (1970) became a ceramist at the Sint-Maria Instituut in Antwerp and at the Provinciaal Hoger Instituut voor Kunstonderwijs in Hasselt. With her artistic talent, she follows the footsteps of a long line of artist family members. Sofia dissects objects of nature and everyday life until she is left with just the bare essence. That essence is then transposed into a monumental shape through a composition of surfaces, lines and volumes.

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    $6,250.00 $4,375.00