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Gardeco The Visitor 4202

Design: Guido Deleu
Made in Belgium


● Ceramic in Sand Cor 02
● Size: Large


The Visitor was created in ’96 for the main entrance of a cultural centre in Flanders, Belgium. It is kind and friendly figure, a visitor whom you would welcome with open arms. Gardeco reproduces this sculpture in different sizes in bronze and ceramics. In 2010 The Visitor has been selected for the exhibition Inter Connected, curated by Zoe Melo during the New York Design Week.

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Dimensions 28 × 21 × 75 cm
(W) :21cm x (D) : 28cm x (H) : 75cm

Unit - (Width x Depth x Height)  |  Round  - (Diameter = Width x Height)


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  • Gardeco

    Bullish Star

    Design: Marc Caelenberghe
    Made in Belgium


    ● Bronze sculpture in black
    ● Number 33 of 75 pieces produced


    This collection is the result of an intense and passionate collaboration between our company and some very creative artists.‎ They have created original pieces of art, that guarantee elegance and beauty both for indoors and outdoors.‎ Exceptional commitment and work have led to a wide diversification in styles and inspiration, that are able to respond to the most varied aesthetic requirements.‎


    The definition of luxury is always in flux.‎ Different eras in history and different cultures have always valued the bronze material above all else.‎ Bronze sculptures are not just beautiful but tell a wider story of craftmanship and authenticity.‎

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    $6,250.00 $4,375.00
  • Gardeco

    Gnd-Ga253 To Clarify

    Design: Ann Vrielinck
    Made in Belgium


    ● Bronze sculpture

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    $8,150.00 $4,890.00
  • Gardeco


    Design: Jacques Vanroose
    Made in Belgium


    ● Interlace bronze statue


    The Interlace statue is a limited edition with only 75 pieces made.

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    $3,480.00 $2,088.00