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i4mariani Silhouette Executive Armchair

Design: Luca Scacchetti
Made in Italy


● Upholstery cover in leather PA Van Gogh
● Armchair with outside of the back and armpads in Ebony
● Swivel tilt and lift mechanism


The Silhouette seating collection designed by Luca Scacchetti is more than just a general shape.‎What remains in our minds is theprofile of its form, with the combined shape and shadow creating the silhouette.‎ The design remains outwardly anti-static, with an almost uncertain equilibrium due to the apparent lack of physical contact between the seating and back.‎ This double silhouette is repeated between the outside frame in natural or lacquered wood, and the inside cushion covered in leather or fabric.‎This double repetition acts to underline, as if to rivet the image of the slim profile in our minds, where technologies and elegance meet to create a general lightness of the ensemble.‎Winding lines, crossing between the shapes of a boomerang and the shapes of the wing of a bird,are brought back to paper in their essential geometry, with nearly Leonardesque traces.‎



Product Information Sheet: Silhouette Executive armchair

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Dimensions 56.5 × 62 × 119 cm
(W) :62cm x (D) : 56.5cm x (H) : 119cm

Unit - (Width x Depth x Height)  |  Round  - (Diameter = Width x Height)


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  • De Sede

    De Sede DS-343/01 Armchair

    Design: de Sede Design Team and Bart Van der Heyden

    Made in Switzerland


    • Upholstery in leather 10 Neck Colour 11 Black
    • Base in black grey


    We did not bring a designer on board to develop this wing chair – with all due respect: we are not exactly short on expertise in this area.
    Still, we found that thinking outside the box helps us better understand the human body, its features and needs. So we looked around in the fields of science, medicine and orthopedics and brought an expert on board. Star physical therapist Bart Van der Heyden drew our attention to the fact that the human body normally maintains a dynamic equilibrium when forces act on it. Yet the pivot point of swaying chairs does not follow our axis of motion.


    Van der Heyden came up with a brilliant solution to this problem: the seat shell on this armchair is extended to pelvic height to create an ergonomic sitting posture. If you lean backwards, only the upper part of the backrest moves. This provides support to the spine, and the chest opens. In addition to the backrest, the seat shell tilts backwards to achieve an even better lying and relaxing position.
    This new movement mechanism is patented – so you can enjoy our seating revolution to the fullest.



    Product Information Sheet: DS-343 armchair
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  • I4mariani

    i4mariani Wing Executive Armchair

    Design: Luca Scacchetti
    Made in Italy


    ● Upholstery in full grain Saddle leather
    ● With swivel tilt and lift mechanism
    ● Base with black metallized finish
    ● Conference armchair


    It has an ascetic outline, its arms follow a graceful line that opens outwards like the start of a flight with folded wings striving to gather strength from the contrast with the air.



    Product Information Sheet: Wing armchair
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