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Ilanel Kahdu Colour

Made in Australia


● Handwoven french trim (Colour 231) on a powder-coated wire frame
● Lighting source 1 x E27
● Diameter 60 cm


The Kahdu collection features handcrafted lamp shades with a visually striking, high impact pattern that plays with the senses. The lines are rigorous, austere, mathematical, but at the same time they dance and interact with one another, giving the impression of movement and depth. The statue comes to life and becomes a living, breathing thing. Kahdu offers a bold sculptural presence that is also warm and organic, and is a perfect statement for any modern space.

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Dimensions 60 cm
(W) :cm x (D) : cm x (H) : 60cm

Unit - (Width x Depth x Height)  |  Round  - (Diameter = Width x Height)


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  • Flos

    Flos Overlap S2 Pendant Light

    Design: Michael Anastassiades
    Made in Italy


    ● Materials Cocoon in white
    ● Light source 2x HSGS E27 105W or 2x LED 21W E27
    ● Shade: diameter 100 cm


    Overlap, a contemporary pendant lamp by FLOS, is Michael Anastassiades’ tribute to the distinct cocoon wrapping technique that the Italian designer lighting company has won several hearts and awards with. This contemporary pendant light is made from steel and cocoon, while its internal structure comprises of white powder painted steel. As the name suggests, Overlap is a modern pendant lamp by Michal Anastassiades that features two interlocking rings which intersect at right angles.


    This interior suspension lamp is among the latest additions to the designer’s repertoire of modern pendant lighting. Providing soft, diffused light, Overlap manages to amaze and amuse in equal measure. You can see the rings try to push through the membrane, and yet, the space where the two interlock remains concealed – leaving it to your imagination!



    Product Information Sheet: Overlap Suspension 2
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    $4,607.00 $3,685.60
  • Catellani & Smith

    Catellani & Smith Fil De Fer

    Design: Enzo Catellani

    Made in Italy


    • Diameter 100cm
    • Natural wire sphere with Aluminum wire sphere anodized in gold color
    • Light Source: Led Bulb G4 12V Dc 24X1.5WDia. 100 cm


    Fil de Fer is a lighting fixture made of shaped, woven aluminium wire, which is lit on the inside by tiny bulbs. Designed and made by Enzo Catellani, it is the creation closest to his heart. Developed almost twenty years ago for a special commission, it was never used for that particular project and was hung up in his workshop. Each time it was switched on, it enchanted everyone with its special, magical atmosphere. Enzo Catellani decided then to continue working on it.


    The lamp was later placed on the market and quickly became the most iconic lighting fixture in the Catellani & Smith range.


    Product Information Sheet: Fil de Fer
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    $5,292.00 $4,233.60
  • Ilfari

    Ilfari Sweet Symphony H9 Hanging Lamp

    Design: Renee Ploegmakers
    Made in the Netherlands


    ● Materials in chrome finish
    ● Shade in black
    ● Light source 9x E27 / 220V/MAX 40W
    ● Diamter 89 cm


    Showcasing the ingenious use of design ideas and innovative materials, Sweet Symphony H9 is a ceiling lamp with several elements combined to create an intricate and impressive masterpiece. It is composed of drum shades in black white or red colours, metal elements and structure in chrome, and Bohemia handmade and optical glass balls. Every individual feature helps to create a showstopper that not only illuminates a space, but also enhances its aesthetics.



    Product Information Sheet: Sweet Symphony Hanging Lamp
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    $7,000.00 $4,200.00