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JAB Joy Side Table

Design: Andreas Weber

Made in germany

  • Plate in Granite.
  • Base frame in copper color matt finish.


The functional side table is the perfect addition to every upholstery set, as it not only constitutes an attractive appearance with its independent design language and quality materials. The triangular shape of the top combined with the asymmetrical metal frame means that table can be pulled over the seat area of the upholstered furniture to put a glass, snack, electronic device down close at hand.



Product Information Sheet: Joy side table

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Dimensions 43 × 60 × 56 cm
(W) :60cm x (D) : 43cm x (H) : 56cm

Unit - (Width x Depth x Height)  |  Round  - (Diameter = Width x Height)


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  • Fendi Casa

    Fendi Casa Constellation Side Table

    Made in Italy


    • Top in bronze mirror finishing
    • Frame in polished brass
    • Diameter 40 cm


    Constellation is the elegant circular coffee table set with minimal lines and a retrò look. The marriage of volumes and proportions come together defining an idea with sculptural contours.



    Product Information Sheet: Constellation coffee table
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  • Fiam Italia

    Fiam Italia Lands Coffee Table

    Design: Studio Klass
    Made in Italy


    ● Top finishing in glass vetro Nero
    ● Base in Fume smoked glass


    Lands is a collection of coffee and side tables inspired by aerial views of rural landscapes, featuring different shapes and colours, based on the type of cultivation. The seemingly haphazard layout of the land creates fascinating compositions of colour and shapes which are echoed in the Lands collection.


    The collection includes coffee and side tables of different sizes and shapes, designed to be grouped or positioned as required, either individually or in combinations to create islands. Based on shape and size, the tables feature two or three bases in blown glass with tops in back-painted glass or stone, both of which are edged in copper.

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