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Malerba Fashion Affair Table – Glossy Ebony

Special finishing in Glossy ebony. Metal base in bronze finish.

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Dimensions 200 × 100 × 75 cm
(W) :100cm x (D) : 200cm x (H) : 75cm

Unit - (Width x Depth x Height)  |  Round  - (Diameter = Width x Height)


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  • Malerba

    Malerba Red Carpet Fix Table

    Made in Italy


    • Finishing in torba
    • Metal details in chrome


    The high gloss lacquer finish combined with the wooden essence get full mindful of the memorable 30s of Hollywood’s Movie Making industry origin.


    The Red Carpet collection is featured by a special vertical waving wood carving as a classical Greek column style total recall. The polished chromed trim combined with small premium leather inserts stands out the solid and outstanding shapes.

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  • Draenert

    Draenert Adler II Extendable Table

    Design: Peter Draenert
    Made in Germany


    • Top in Boat-Shaped Stone Fantasy Brown Polished
    • Edge 5 Italian Edge
    • Frame in Base 2 Oval Stainless Steel V2A With Rollers Dark Bronze Colored

    • Extendable to 270 cm


    An extensible dining table, boat-shaped, rectangular, organic or oval, made of natural stone with lifting mechanism for an integrated center-leaf made of natural stone. The integrated lifting mechanism allows the interior central leaf to be raised once the two halves of the table top have been pulled apart. An ingenious technique makes the extension a procedure of miraculous ease.



    Product Information Sheet: Adler II table
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  • Costantini Pietro

    Costantini Pietro Splendor Dining Table

    Made in Italy


    • Top in Stone High Gloss (Modern)
    • Frame in Superior Metal Finish


    Pasha round dining table is an elegant and sophisticated addition to a contemporary dining room. The dazzling sculptural round accents at the base are an artistic element that makes the table look like it belongs in a museum. With a welcoming structure, the round shape accommodates people comfortably. The vivid juxtaposition between the wood table top and illuminating base adds an exceptional feature.

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