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Crown Major Pendant Light

Design: Jehs + Laub
Made in Italy


• Frame in black finish
• Light Source 30 x 25W halopin G9 QT-14
• Cable length 350 cm


Family composed by pendant chandeliers whose shape is inspired by the outline of the snow crystal. Modular lamps realized with a die-casted aluminium structure and sandblasted glass diffusers. Structure is available in different versions hand polished aluminium, glossy gold plated or black plated, painted in matt white, matt black, or matt gold. Widespread light.



Product Information Sheet: Crown Major

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Additional Information
Dimensions 109 × 113 × 87 cm
(W) :113cm x (D) : 109cm x (H) : 87cm

Unit - (Width x Depth x Height)  |  Round  - (Diameter = Width x Height)


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  • Nemo Lighting

    Ellisse Double Mega Pendant Light

    Design: Federico Palazzari
    Made in Italy


    • Frame in white
    • Light Source 90W Linear LED
    • Cable length 250 cm


    The delicate suspension by Nemo appeals with a filigree shape and seems to float as light as a feather in the room. It is composed of two elliptical rings of different sizes made of aluminium. The larger one surrounds the small one. Both rings can be suspended horizontally and vertically, turning Ellise Double Mega into a seemingly discreet or dynamic light fixture.


    A most simple suspension system reinforces the impression that Ellisse Double Mega LED’s two thin rings float freely and swirl in the air. Despite its pared-down appearance and likely because of it, Ellisse Double Mega is eye-catching, adapts with many settings and looks charming from every angle.


    The large ring is closed below by an opaline diffuser. The small ring’s diffuser is located on the upper part. This explains why the light casts a diffuse light in diverse directions, depending on the precise ring’s position.



    Product Information Sheet: Ellisse Double Mega


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  • Mariner

    19949.1 Pendant Light

    Made in Spain


    • Venetian glass and brass in smoke finish
    • Light Source 11 x E14
    • Diameter 82 Cm

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