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Potocco Elodie Sofa

Design: Chiara Andreatti

Made in Italy


  • Metal frame in Anthracite embossed lacquered finish
  • Seat and back cushions in fabric Caddie C3 beige and H4G Senape


Elodie is a two-seater sofa with an essential structure and seat cushions, backrest and armrests removable. The padding and the lining are both made with materials suitable for an indoor and an outdoor use and settings.  Elodie is characterized by an exposed structure, designed to accommodate the large cushions, which is supported by a flat metal that runs all around the cushions, covered in fabrics or leathers as per collection, supporting it.


Distinctive detail, the seat cushion which, thanks to the particular supports, is detached from the structure resulting suspended.



Product Information Sheet: Elodie sofa

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Dimensions 200 × 97 × 89 cm
(W) :97cm x (D) : 200cm x (H) : 89cm

Unit - (Width x Depth x Height)  |  Round  - (Diameter = Width x Height)


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  • Gurian

    Gurian Ocean 3-seater Sofa

    Design: EG Studio Associati
    Made in Italy


    • You can customize your comfort through a manual mechanism that allows you to vary the height of the backrest and the seat depth.
    • In leather Cat 3 Florida- Topo
    • Includes 1 pc of 45×45 cushion in Cat 3 Florida- Topo, 1pc of 45×45 cushion in fabric Cat F Milos 1459/04 and 1 pc 45×45 cushion in fabric Art 350 Col 5- Cat Super Extra
    • Feet in dark chromium plated steel
    • Seat height: 43 cm


    It is the refined and elegant contemporary image project. This sofa is the concrete answer to the desire to personalize one’s comfort in the depth of the seat and in the height of the back. The essence of the model is the achievement of an unrivaled relaxation position, keeping clean and essential lines.

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  • Gurian

    Gurian Grand Rest 3-seater Sofa

    Design: Zeno Nugari
    Made in Italy


    • Customize your comfort through a manual
    mechanism which allows to vary the height of the back cushion.
    • In leather Cat 4 Venice- Perla
    • Side element in Cuoio Grigio
    • Includes 1 pc 45×45 cushion in Art 350, col 9- Cat Super Extra and 1pc 45×45 Milos Col 06- Cat F
    • Seat height: 42 cm


    A highly customisable design. A model in which elegance, comfort and technology come together. The back cushions rest on a very unusual mechanism that allows you to choose between two heights, resulting in a unique form of comfort. “Grand Rest” is the result of an intelligent creative project in which versatility and quality form the key elements uncluttered lines.

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