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Potocco Stilla Mirror

Design: Stella Confalonieri

Made in Italy


  • Frame in leather geo Col 1543 Blu Cadetto
  • Structure details in bronzed brass


Stilla is a wall mirror composed by a frame and a fastening element covered in leather, in the colors as per collection, and from metal connecting pipes in burnished brass.


Stilla is a wall mirror inspired by the shape of crystal pendants, echoing the traditional drop cut of precious stones.


A distinctive furniture accessory that selects sophisticated finishes: the profile of the mirror and the circular attachment part are covered in leather in the colors as per collection, while the two metal rods are in bronzed brass.



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Additional Information
Dimensions 64 × 197 cm
(W) :cm x (D) : 64cm x (H) : 197cm

Unit - (Width x Depth x Height)  |  Round  - (Diameter = Width x Height)


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  • Fiam Italia

    Lollipop Mirror

    Design: Marcel Wanders
    Made in Italy


    ● Wall mirror in 8 mm thick fused glass.
    ● 5 mm thick flat mirror
    ● Back in silvered glass


    Lollipop mirror is a brilliant addition to a modern home. Aptly named for its shape, Lollipop mirror is a sweet and sophisticated home decor option. The shining reflective frame is a luxurious feature that commands attention and stands out against the round mirrored center. With the added accessories, transform it from a lollipop to a smiling spoon with a bow tie for a fun touch that goes well in a nursery.



    Product Information Sheet: Lollipop mirror
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  • Fiam Italia

    Pop Mirror

    Design: Marcel Wanders
    Made in Italy


    ● Wall mirror in 6 mm high temperature fused glass
    ● 5 mm flat mirror
    ● Rear frame in painted metal
    ● Back in silvered glass


    Pop mirror immediately transforms the space it’s placed in with its unique and delightful structure. The textured circular pattern along the frame is an alluring feature that makes this not only a practical piece of decor but a contemporary masterpiece as well. Featuring a reflective surface, the textured frame distorts the reflection for an intriguing touch. The flat mirror and frame complement one another for an appealing aspect.

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    $3,990.00 $3,392.00
  • Cattelan Italia

    Camelot Mirror

    Design: STC Studio
    Made in Italy


    • Frame in curve glass
    • Mirror in glass mirrored



    Camelot wall mirror embodies the iconic knight in shining armor, associated with the legendary King Arthur and his castle named Camelot. Reminiscent of a shield, the mirror is truly spectacular and features a mirrored frame that gives it multi-dimensional effect. Thanks to the use of only the best materials, it is sustainable for years to come.


    Product Information Sheet: Camelot mirror
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