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Serralunga Botanica Red

Made in Italy


● Linear low-density polyethylene, UV protection
● 100% recyclable
● Solution dyed, red color
● Diameter 37 cm


Botanica is a flowerpot or a container that is capable enough to stand out among similar flowerpots of its kind. A beautiful container from Serralunga is what we can say the epitome of cool, and an object not to be hidden but left to be seen among other flowerpots. It comes with the emerging design that appears like some bud originating from the plant. Its elegant look gives you no reason to hide it, but to flaunt the flowerpot one-of-its-type. It is sure to spice up any living space with their modern look, all different with a style to suit every taste.

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Additional Information
Dimensions 37 × 55 cm
(W) :cm x (D) : 37cm x (H) : 55cm

Unit - (Width x Depth x Height)  |  Round  - (Diameter = Width x Height)


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    In outdoor furnishings, lighting must meet not only a practical requirement, it is also an important way of highlighting the magic of a building or a natural setting.‎ This is why Ethimo, together with landscape designer Niccolò Grassi, has created collections of lamps specific for outside, inspired by the shapes and materials used in traditional Italian and Europe gardens, reworked with a contemporary slant.‎ This philosophy has also led to the new Carrè collection of lamps, in metal and pickled teak, their refined vintage formal spirit teamed with cutting-edge technology: LED lighting.‎ This light source combines superior energy efficiency, in line with the principles of eco-sustainability, with longer life and reduced maintenance.‎ These are two much-appreciated characteristics in both residential and contract sectors.‎



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