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Rolf Benz LIV

New at imm cologne 2020: Rolf Benz LIV. The new German-Italian Living Concept.


13/01/20/Cologne/Nagold. In contemporary living rooms, the sofa is the focal point and mirror of our lives. This is where ideas are born, we recuperate and events are celebrated. Together with design bureau Nichettostudio, ROLF BENZ has realised a modular living concept for multi-optional life on the sofa. With Rolf Benz LIV, the design company from the Black Forest has defined 2020 luxury as the perfect symbiosis of German and Italian sofa art.

“Liv”, the name of the new Living Concept, stands for life itself – in Scandinavia as much as in the English invitation to “Live!”.

Nichettostudio meets ROLF BENZ

With Luca Nichetto and Francesco Dompieri, ROLF BENZ chose two real stars for designing Rolf Benz LIV. Their passion for the hand-crafted and industrial production process is as in demand worldwide as the carefully-selected cultural references in their products. Founded in Venice in 2006, Nichettostudio has also been based in Stockholm since 2011.

Luca Nichetto’s mission for Rolf Benz LIV: “It was our intention to develop a sofa system that adapts to the multiple requirements of contemporary living rooms. It should provide endless possibilities so that the right combination can be found for every situation.”

In Rolf Benz LIV, Italian sofa tradition meets German technology and quality. The result is a highly flexible sofa system that combines geometric strength and relaxed comfort in a breathtaking way.

Numerous possibilities

The geometric structures of Rolf Benz LIV are created by means of polygonal metal frames. With a comfortable spring system and an adhesive surface, eight different frames act as flexible supports for customised configurations of seat cushions, sofa backs and side sections. Two seat depths and two back widths are available, offering numerous design options when combined with integrated shelving. The sofas that are configured flexibly and according to your seating preferences can then be supplemented with various loose cushions.

Finishes and cover materials

In addition to black and umbra grey, the frame and legs of the sofa system are also available in the new, subtly shimmering metallic marrone colour. The shelving frames are available in black or umbra grey. The storage shelves can be selected either in polished natural stone in graphite grey or Carrara, or in clear glass with the underside painted in black, umbra grey or metallic marrone.

In addition to the various cover fabrics, ROLF BENZ has added a new, top-quality wool fabric to the Rolf Benz LIV range. The finely pixelated multi-colour fabric combined with the new metallic marrone finish is both exciting and elegant.

Made in Germany
Design: Luca Nichetto/Nichetto Studio
Source: Rolf Benz Press