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by INDESIGNLIVE.SG. This advertorial appeared on Cubes Magazine C98 Jan-Mar 2020 Issue. Photo courtesy of Chi Wing Lo.


Renowned Hong Kong-born architect, designer and sculptor Chi Wing Lo has a long history of association with European design, having been based in Athens and designing for Giorgetti for many years. His own furniture brand Dimensione Chi Wing Lo produces timeless pieces from a workshop in Italy’s Brianza district – the heart of Italian furniture production.

“Durability is one tiny prerequisite of timelessness; being just durable is not timeless,” says Lo. “Timelessness is a domain in which past, present and future are infused seamlessly together.” And just as his furniture offers longevity of aesthetic, it also offers appeal across diverse cultural settings. Hints of a Chinese aesthetic are met by echoes of Western styles in a fusion that belongs not to one culture but to all.

The RIMA bed, for example, is a promise of refuge, with the embracing wings of the headboard calling to mind a variety of images (the elegant flow of traditional Chinese garments, or perhaps the confident outlines of mid-century modernist forms, or the flexing of parametrically derived architecture) without conforming to any particular categorical box.

The bed is handcrafted with sucupira or oak for the base and headboard, a leather trim, and a removable fabric or leather ‘quilt’ for the cushioning against the headboard. States the brand, “Our dream is to create a rich, solid and comprehensive collection of furnishing items which will distinguish themselves in both design and quality, which will project consistently our value and vision of contemporary living for everyone to share.”